Crochet Lesson 6

IMG_2058I have to confess that I finished crochet lesson 6 a year ago, but never got around to taking a picture and posting it.  It wasn’t a challenging piece, and just took some patience.  This shawl lives on the sofa throughout the colder months as it’s perfect to wrap around oneself when cosying up on the sofa.

I am in the process of sourcing wool for much bigger project that I have.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, lesson number 8 has to be tried…

Happy New Year!

Provisions provisions


Looking for a little gift?  Well look no further!

This provision bag is simple to crochet and it’s one of the first things I ever attempted.  I have made loads and have given one to my Mum, my aunt, my BFF…  I use mine in the kitchen to store onions and garlic but you can store fruit, put it in the bathroom, take it to the market… whatever really.  I’m making one for my gran next.

Tip: when working in circles I suggest having a pen and paper next to you to note down which row you’re on, otherwise you’ll get muddled.  Also, I use a small length of different coloured wool to mark the beginning of each new row.  To stop the marker falling I link it into my first stitch and it’s easy to pull it out after.

Sneaky Peek


Autumn is really starting to make itself felt and I’m not too upset about saying goodbye to Summer for another year.  I have really enjoyed wearing winter PJs again and socks in bed. Toasty!

The onset of Autumn means that Christmas cards must not be neglected.  Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s theme.

Christmas 2013
Album : Christmas 2013

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Right I’m off or a bowl of pumpkin soup. Yum!

So tweet!

Today I discovered a company called Magpie and I particularly love their birdy range.



The shape of these storage tins really caught my eye, but then these nesting (guffaw) cake tins are equally appealing.  Then there are the coasters, tea towels, cushions, mugs, notebooks….

Totally spoilt for choice!

Space saver

Being a girly girl, and not living in a mansion, space can sometimes be an issue for all my shoes and accesories.  Last year I decided upon an idea for all my necklaces, which has proved to be quite a time saver as well as a space saver!

Space saver dans Other crafts Necklace-tidy-01-225x300

I simply bought a frame that I liked, removed the glass, covered some card with some wallpaper (which was free as a sample was sufficient), secured it in the frame and then hammered some nails in.

Hey presto!

Home sweet home

After hunting through my parent’s loft a while back, I discovered a folder of magazine cuttings that I had put together when I had been a young teen.  There were clippings of living rooms, curtains and colour schemes that I liked, instructions for how to make cushions out of tea towels… It can be of no surprise therefore that I started saving for my own place as soon as I began working full time.  When all that saving finally paid off and I got the keys, I took great pleasure in hunting through magazines looking for inspiration and decorating ideas.  I would spend hours leafing through and if it was too expensive, I just made my own.   First came this clock:

The top left picture shows my creation, which I copied from the much more expensive version on the right.

I didn’t only get my inspiration from magazines.  I made the framed corks after spying something similar in a restaurant and after asking anyone and everyone to save all their corks for me (not that hard as it turned out)!

Both look great in my living room/kitchen.


Care Package

Good afternoon

Every now and then a care package arrives in the post from the UK and invariably it contains some goodies from Hobbycraft. You know who you are so THANK YOU :) !  This weekend one such parcel arrived and as it was a wet and rainy bank holiday weekend I got stuck in!  Here’s what I put together:


Crochet Lesson 4

Here it is at long last! 

Crochet lesson 4 was the reason that I bought my new crochet book and it hasn’t disappointed. 

Crochet Lesson 4 dans Crochet IMG_1322-300x243

I really wanted to make it for myself in black, but having made the same scarf for my mum in some fantastic wool which isn’t available in black, I decided to go for it in grey, but with a black button.  Perhaps next winter I’ll find a good quality black wool to use. For info, here I’ve used Bouton d’Or Legende in Lutin (which incidentally is the same wool as I used for Lesson 2).  It really is such great quality.

Puzzling punch

Happy Easter/Chocolate Day!

I have made the most of the long weekend to do a little cardmaking and finally get around to trying out my new puzzle punch.

A lot of my friends have very young children and so I’m happy with the simple result of these cards, which I think will be perfect for them.  They’re also pretty unisex, so will be perfect for the last minute. Next step is to use my new stamps. When I know who the above cards are for I may stamp a name on them, but I do have other ideas for what to do with the alphabet stamps, so watch this space…

I’m off to nibble on a home-made hot cross bun – yum (thanks Dad)!




Crochet Lesson 3


I’d thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on with my crochet projects.  I’m currently just finishing up Lesson 4 and will post photos soon.  In the meantime, Lesson 3 was a doddle and I was happy to be able to use some wool that I had bought for something else, but which turned out to be the wrong kind. Waste not, want not!


Crochet Lesson 3 dans Crochet Crochet-02-300x225

Unfortunately, I did Lesson 3 before realising the whole thing about doing a sample (see my post about Lesson 2) so the finish is not perfect and I had to do some tweaking.  I have learnt from my mistakes now though, and am MUCH happier with how Lesson 4 is turning out (I’m sorry to go on about Lesson 4 when this is supposed to be a post about Lesson 3, but I actually bought the book because I fell in love with Lesson 4, so I’m a teensy bit excited about it!).  Despite Lesson 4 being my favourite pattern, I enjoyed Lesson 3 so much that I went on to make 2 more pouches. 











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